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Welcome to Alwahaab Charity Foundation.

  1. Alwahaab Charity Foundation is a Moslem founded charity organization in Uganda established in 2020 and fully  registered by the Government of Uganda under registration number KAM/SC/CBS/0304 in Budaka district under the NGO act 113 of the republic of Uganda. This foundation's major view is to provide clean water to the needy, promote good health, education, fight poverty and mobilize resources to support the implementation of Islamic community developmental activities in Uganda..
Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Changing the lives of the needy Vulnerable communities giving access to free educstion  , clean water and modern mosques.

Our Mission. To support all the vulnerable communities with basics required in their daily lives ranging from quality education, better standard of living and a better world for children and the elderly.


Alwahaab Ramadan
Ramadan 2024
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Hot meal project
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Masjid Projects.
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Well construction.

Deep Water well projects
Our five strategic plan has a target of 300 water wells estimated to help more than 300,000 needy ummah across Uganda.We have so far provided 35 water wells across several villages in Eastern and Northern parts of Uganda, greatly improving on the hitherto rural sanitation melee and easing the burden of long journeys to find clean water as well as restoring human diginity by stopping the sharing of water with animals from the same unclean drinking ponds
A deep water well costs $2000 that serves more than one thousand people per village. Inshallah you may contact us incase you wish to join our sanitation agenda

Masjid Projects

We have so far supported 30 communities with 30 masjids,underground water ablution areas and toilets bringing ease to thousands of our needy ummah who had for decades been condemned to moving for more than 10 kilometers to observe prayers with many communities resorting to praying under trees and leaves. With your generous support we have brought spiritual nourishment and bettered lives of many of our ummah
Support us inshallah and you will be rewarded hereafter for building a house to worship Allah swt.

Hot Meal Projects

We have continued to support several families daily during this hard economic times with sumptuous meals especially to the women, children and the elderly ummah in rural areas on Uganda.
Due to climate change patterns, food harvests have greatly dwindled affecting the agricultural dependent communities across Africa hence our relief interventions.
Join us feed our needy ummah for just $1 per person inshallah


 Every Islamic calendar year, we join our ummah worldwide to fulfill the Sunnah of our great grandfather Ibrahim Alleihi salat wasalaam by slaughtering animals and sharing the meat with the needy people in various communities.
Continue supporting us inshallah by reaching us in time and donating your share to your intended beneficiaries in Uganda